SARASOTA – From the Sarasota Farmer’s Market to Marco Island, a local family is growing their health business.

As a busy mom of two, Marjan Zaun knows how crazy life can be and how hard it is to eat healthy.

So when the Punta Gorda based company P&J Nuts was closing in March, she bought it, changed the name to FlexX Bar and Snack Company, and made some ingredient modifications.

“The bar is completely whole food, no additives, no sugar, we don’t use any type of binders or stabilizers,” says Zaun.

With date purees and honey holding the bars together, Zaun says they’re designed for active people on the go. “Being able to grab a snack or really even for some people it’s big enough to be a meal replacement because maybe they don’t even eat breakfast,” she says.

FlexX makes different options like paleo, vegan, granola, and most recently: bites. “I have two boys who are nine and ten and they play travel baseball,” says Zaun. “I found that they loved the flex bars, but they never finished a whole bar so we decided why not make bites out of it.”

Perfect for her two boys and even the Pittsburgh Pirates who are eating the bars and the bites.

Zaun says the hope is to show people they have the power and control to eat healthy. “When you put whole food in your body you don’t have to be so much concerned about the amount of calories or fat or carbohydrates, it’s about balance,” says Zaun. “If you’re putting whole foods in your body, your body will break it down.”

The products are sold at Hydr8 in Downtown, Sarasota and D’Lites Shoppe in Lakewood Ranch.

For more information about the products and where to buy them, you can visit their website.