SARASOTA – A Suncoast gynecologist is selected as one of 16 physicians in the nation to participate in an international breast cancer risk reduction study, and now he’s looking for volunteers to participate in the phase three clinical trial.

“This is a real big thing for Sarasota women,” says Gynecologist and Research Investigator, Michael Swor.

It’s an FDA approved study working to lower breast cancer risk for women with dense breasts through a German pharmaceutical topical gel.

“It’s a very specific metabolite of a drug that we already know reduces breast cancer risk,” explains Swor. Instead of a pill like tamoxifen, it’s a gel. Swor says early research shows the gel comes with fewer side effects.

The topical gel is applied everyday for a year. Some people will have the placebo, but by the start of the second year everyone will have the active ingredient.

“If you’re between the ages of 35 and 75 and you’ve had mammogram that showed dense breast, then because you’re at increased risk for breast cancer you’re a candidate for the study,” explains Swor.

You can’t participate though if you’ve previously had breast cancer or breast surgery, but Swor says early research looks promising.

“I feel really lucky to be part of it because I was sitting there in the meeting in Washington D.C. and there were major cancer centers represented there,” says Swor. “People from Germany, people from Spain.” With Swor representing the Suncoast.

He’s one of two doctors participating in the Sunshine State, with the other doctor based out of Miami. “I’m really excited about this because in my mind I can see this as being something that women who are at risk for breast cancer can actually do that I believe won’t have major side effects or risks, but will significantly decrease their cancer risk,” says Swor.

If you’re interested in volunteering and want to learn more about the study, you can call the Physician Care Clinical Research center at 941-954-2355 or visit the office at 1617 S. Tuttle Avenue in Sarasota.