KWWL – What if you could “float” your stress and pain away?

A recent study found that floating can help relieve symptoms of people with stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Transcend Mind-Body Wellness & Floatation Clinic in Cedar Falls, Iowa offers a floatation tank.

Owner Morgan Schoof is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner who wanted to find a way to help patients on a more holistic level.

“It’s very beneficial and I feel like this is kind of the way medicine is moving,” Schoof says. “People are tired of taking a pill and having it work a little bit or not at all. Or maybe it does work, but then they have a ton of side effects from it. And if you can try something that has minimal side effects, if any and it’s good for any or all types of people in some way or another, why not give it a shot?

Time in the tank is equivalent to meditation, but it also goes beyond a complete serene state of mind.

“Pain reduction, sleep, anxiety, mood improvement,” Schoof says. “And it’s just really relaxing. So it can benefit anyone and everyone in some way or another. It’s ten and a half inches deep. Body temperature water and epsom salt so you float without trying. A lot of us are deficient in magnesium, so floating in 1200 of epsom salt helps you get that magnesium.”

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