SARASOTA – It is so easy to consume more sugar than is good for us, but it is possible to eat less sugar.

Taking sugar out of your diet is good for all obvious health reasons including brain functionality, healthy skin, and avoiding a diabetes diagnosis.

But how do you avoid sugar when it’s in almost everything that we eat?

“You can look at the nutrition facts, now most. We want to aim for under 10g less is better of course. You can also look at the ingredients label. There are several names for sugars so get familiar with the names,” said Mikka Knapp.

Avoiding sugars also comes down to eliminating your sugar cravings and addictions.

“One thing that I like to tell people is to use lemon. Lemon really helps to just cut that craving so you can do a squeeze of lemon in your water or even just suck on a lemon because lemon has that acidity it kind of just cuts through that craving,” said Knapp.

“I always start out with breakfast with people because this is when you have the most willpower of the entire day and you also have the opportunity to help your blood sugar for the rest of the day which is going to help cravings later on,” said London.

Sweet cereals, pancakes, syrup, and yogurt parfaits are common breakfast foods, but they are not the best breakfast choices.

“We really want to start out with breakfast with some kind of high quality protein maybe an egg, maybe a protein shake, some complex carbohydrate, maybe some vegetables with your eggs, some fat, maybe throw an avocado in there. Those would be great breakfast choices.”

Health experts recommend that you focus on reducing added sweeteners like granulated sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, and molasses.

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