MANATEE COUNTY- Manatee Memorial’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric treatment program received National Awards for healing for the 8th year in a row with a healing rate of 91% in less than 30 days.

Just a warning, one image in this story is a little graphic.

When you’ve tried everything in the medicine closet and wounds still won’t heal, that’s when you visit the wound care program at Manatee Memorial.

“If they’re not healing within 4 weeks, then that’s where we bring them in and we back up and figure out why are you not healing,” Renee Johnson said.” What is the actual core to the problem.”

Patients commonly come in with radiation burns from cancer treatment, with chronic venous disease, and with diabetes.

“For diabetics,” Dr. Maura Buete said. “They’re wounds are compromised because they have compromised circulation, they have problems with immunity, they’re at risk of infection.”

They follow 9 essential steps for healing that go beyond dressing a wound.

“Nutrition, management of their other diseases,” Dr. Buete said. “Circulation, looking for infection, and if there’s an infection we treat it.”

And they do a lot of education.

“The one thing people tend to think is wounds have lungs and they need to breathe,” Johnson said. “And they don’t they actually get their oxygen from the blood supply.”

That’s where the hyperbaric treatment comes in.

“100% oxygen under pressure super saturates your lungs, and that super saturates your lungs and your oxygen on the red blood cells.”

Patients come into the hyperbaric chamber for two hours a day, five days a week, for up to 6 weeks, and results can be dramatic.

This patient had reconstructive surgery after skin cancer treatment and a skin flap failed, after 12 days of treatment she was starting to look more like herself.

“We look at the whole patient,” Johnson said. “Not just the Hole in the patient.”