SARASOTA - Dickie V's Courageous Kids dressed to the nines for their big night. "I found this online some where I kind of just put it together, got it with the navy blue shoes so yeah," N’Jhari Jackson said.

Looking good, and feeling good, knowing they're in a room full of sports stars who raise money for pediatric cancer research.

"It's overwhelming at first, but its' super fun to see all these famous people, and donating money to us for cancer diseases," Coleton Korney said.

"Everybody in the room with the same goal is really cook and all the money we raise in one night goes to a great cause," Jackson added.

Last year, Ethan McNary was going through chemo. "It's crazy, I feel like yesterday I got diagnosed, time has flown by honestly," he said. This year, he's a cancer survivor, honored to help Dickie V with his mission of finding a cure. "I appreciate him inviting me again it was a new experience being done with cancer and see all these other kids who are going through treatment and see their perspective," McNary added.

On the flip side, its Coleton Korney's first gala, and he's excited to be with other kids who've battled the horrible disease.

"It makes me feel good that all these kids have gone through cancer, but all of them have gone through the same emotional way."

It’s that raw emotion for pediatric cancer research Dickie V passes down to the children each year.

"I promise you to my last breath I will plead for dollars, we need dollars for these kids, people don't understand that," Vitale said. But his courageous kids do. And that's why they do everything they can to help with the fight for a cure.

"I really published a book, well I published two of them, so now it's my third published book so all the money I've raised goes toward The V Foundation."

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