Final push for James Buchanan at MAGA rally


SARASOTA – Hundreds filled Dolphin Aviation Sunday to show their support for President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” initiative, and the focus narrows.

“I’ve come here to honor two men that were in the original campaign for Donald Trump’s nomination to be president,” Trump Supporter Julie Brady said.

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie wrote the book Let Trump Be Trump after working closely with the president during his campaign.

“…an amazing journey on the greatest campaign that our country has seen with a historic candidate,” Lewandowski said.

Even narrower – the focus on District 72 as the special election is looming, just two days away.

Everyone in the room had one goal.

“Dave and I are here to make sure one thing happens – that Buchanan goes to the State House and we don’t have another democrat in the office,” Lewandowski said.

Warning of the importance of getting to the polls, with a testimony from State Representative Jay Fant, who won his election by just two votes.

“So what am I saying? Every vote counts,” Fant said.

Especially for Buchanan, whose supporters say is in a neck-and-neck race.

“We’ll just have to see what happens, but I’m cautiously optimistic that the republican vote will come out on election day,” Brady said.



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