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Monday, February 27, 2017

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Extra Innings preview opening weekend on the Suncoast

LECOM PARK- Pirates, Rays and Orioles all play this weekend. In Friday's Extra Innings, Ben...

Spring Training Opening Weekend on the Suncoast

Ed Smith Stadium- Pirates, Orioles and Rays all gearing up for their opening days for...

SNN Extra Innings Episode 9: Ring The Bell

It's time to ring the bell in today's Extra Innings. Ben and Lynden got to catch...

Extra Innings Episode 8: Rain Delay

Time now for today's edition of "Extra Innings with SNN's Ben Bobick and Lynden Blake.

Orioles bringing in record breaking dollars

SARASOTA COUNTY- Baseball is a game of numbers, and this number will impress you. The Orioles have a record breaking economic impact with their Sarasota...

Extra Innings: A Look At Fred Hutchinson

Fred Hutchinson meant so much to his family and major league baseball they built a cancer research center and named an award after him. But...

Extra Innings Ep 6: Week in Review

Week one of Spring Training is in the bag, Ben and Lynden have injury updates and the latest fashion trends in today's Extra Innings. Tomorrow...

Extra Innings: Spring Training History

The Little Palm Inn, or as it was formerly known - The Twilight Hotel - housed the Milwaukee Braves when they trained on the...
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