Friday, March 23, 2018

Dan Henry


A Michigan native as well as a previous resident of the Suncoast (and Riverview High School alum), Dan Henry joined SNN in August of 2017. He holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in economics with a certificate in meteorology and climatology from the University of Florida. Dan loves all things weather-related, but especially enjoys studying and forecasting tropical weather and climatology, and he is happy to be back in Sarasota.

After attending high school here, Dan lived in Gainesville, FL through college and most of graduate school. He worked in TV, radio, print and digital media there for a variety of both public and commercial media outlets. His favorite memories from that time include covering Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew around the clock in 2016, and helping to keep people safe in those events. Outside of weather, Dan loves music, and while in Gainesville he also worked as a DJ, venue manager, radio show host and has even played in two rock bands. Find Dan on Twitter (@DanHenryWeather) or on Facebook (