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Monday, February 27, 2017


Fundraiser for dance competition

MANATEE COUNTY - A dancing competition is making its way to the Suncoast. Dozens showed up at Evie's Tavern in Sarasota to help raise funds...

Regatta rowing closes out the weekend

SARASOTA COUNTY - The 2017 rowing season kicked off this weekend at Nathan Benderson Park for the Sarasota Invitational Regatta. Sunday was the last day...

Home opener for the Orioles in spring training

SARASOTA COUNTY - All this weekend, Major League Baseball kicks off its spring training. The Baltimore Orioles hosted their home opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates...

Vern Buchanan “MIA” at Healthcare rally

LONGBOAT KEY - Another rally on the Suncoast this weekend, this one outside congressman Vern Buchanan's home. The protesters are calling on the...

Two-vehicle crash involving EMS ambulance

MANATEE COUNTY - Bradenton police are investigating a crash involving a Manatee County ambulance. The report says it happened at the 2200 Block of...

Get Up Get Active with Crunch #9: Cardio Tai Box

SARASOTA - Check out the group fitness class at Crunch on University, Cardio Tai Box, on this week's Get Up Get Active!

Ecko Tours introduces daytime excursions across the Suncoast

SARASOTA COUNTY - Sarasota County has so much to offer and now locals and visitors can experience Sarasota’s hot spots through Ecko’s day tours....

Experience the Suncoast: Mar Vista seaside dining

LONGBOAT KEY - On this week's Experience the Suncoast, we take a look at Mar Vista Restaurant and Pub and their local seafood.

Extra Innings Episode 11: Weekend Spring Training

SARASOTA COUNTY - SNN's Lynden Blake and Ben Bobick take a look at this weekend's Spring Training across the Suncoast.

Rally to protect Healthcare

SARASOTA COUNTY - Since Donald Trump's presidential win Obamacare could become fully repealed a promise trump made on the campaign trail last year. Today, people...
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