Suncoast providing relief to those impacted by Hurricane Michael


SARASOTA- Hurricane Michael made landfall in the panhandle as a category four hurricane. The destruction and despair it left behind is immeasurable. Director of Community Development, Jayne Giroux urges the Suncoast to donate blood.

“Well it’s always important to donate every day. When there is a natural disaster hit, it becomes especially important,” said Giroux.

The Sun Coast Blood Bank needs more O and O- blood, but they encourage anyone to donate.

The American Red Cross is also seeking donations.

“The main thing people can do is support the red cross through financial donations.”

Donating money is almost always the most efficient way to help in a disaster, according to the Center for International Disaster Information. Otherwise, valuable time might be lost sorting through a mountain of donated goods that don’t serve people’s immediate needs.

And, experts advise giving that money to established relief groups that can distribute aid safely and efficiently.  The American Red Cross is  among those organizations recognized by the Better Business Bureau Accredited Charities.

“People have the best intentions when it comes to items after a disaster but it really isn’t the pmost efficient way to help the community,” said Executive Director Megarie Van Sickel.

As more of the destruction becomes uncovered, both organizations are dedicated to provide relief, wherever it may be.



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