Lido Beach Trap Bags washed out by high tides


SARASOTA- The City of Sarasota placed these trap bags here back in July, but you can see the high tide and Hurricane Michael’s storm surge has just washed them away.

A thousand tons of sand bags were placed on Lido Beach and in front of the pool and pavilion. City Manager Tom Barwin says, although half of those trap bags were washed out, the sand bags worked.

“Thankfully they were there last night,” said Barwin. “They protected our public restrooms, our public swimming pool, the pavilion and the concession stands. We’re going back to work as soon as this storm settles down.”

Commissioner Hagen Brody has lived on the Suncoast his entire life and says re-nourishing this beach is critical.

“We’re going to spend what it takes to protect the private and public that Mother Nature is threatening right now,” said Brody.

The city plans on restoring around 60 to 70 feet of beach sand, Barwin says since Tuesday, Lido Beach has lost an additional ten feet of shoreline.



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