‘Life-changing effects’ of Cannabidiol (CBD)


SARASOTA- Cannabidiol stores are popping up on the Suncoast, most commonly known as CBD, it’s a compound found in marijuana plants that is said to relieve pain, and reduces anxiety.

A former Mote Marine Lab employee and a veteran opened a new shop to spread  the word about the effects of cbd, they call ‘life–changing’.

Shelby Isaacson is a mom, business woman, and victim of chronic migraine syndrome.

“I was driving down Webber and I got a weird pain on the side of my head, and after that, I passed out. I drove two whole blocks basically unconscious,” she said.

She was prescribed medication after medication. Months later, she decided to do her own research.

“I found out that CBD was helping epilepsy. I was on an anti–epileptic, so I figured, ‘why not try this?’. Sure enough within a month, I was able to get off those medications and I finally felt normal again and the side effects were amazing in the sense that I didn’t have anxiety for the first time in my life,” she said.

Isaacson teamed up with partner, Chip Jackson, and opened Downtown Sarasota’s newest CBD shop, Second and Seed.

“I really feel like this is a secret, I shouldn’t be keeping,” she said.

The duo shares the positive effects of CBD with customers; it acts like a traffic director targeting issues in your body.

Co-owner, Chip Jackson said, “If it’s pain, if it’s inflammation, if its arthritis, if it’s imbalance with anxiety, or depression, it tries to tell your body to come back to a state of homeostasis.”

Second and Seed tests each product three times.

Isaacson said, “The farm does a test, we do a test when we get the base product I n, and when we get these products that we’ve created with a local FDA related lab, with a scientist, and doctors.”

So far, the shop has stocked more than 5 CBD brands to shelves, and offers help to local vets.

“Our 1776 line, we’re very proud of because it’s our salute to our local veterans. A portion of it goes to a local veterans association. The one we’re representing right now is SRQ Vets,” Jackson said.

The stores is open 6 days a week.

“Try the product and be able to ask all of the questions that you need to ask so that you feel empowered when you’re walking out the door and taking control of your life,” Isaacson said.

Isaacson said second and seed currently offers oils and topicals, and plans to add edibles to their lines in the near future.

Second and Seed is located at:

1231 2nd St, Sarasota, FL 34236


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