Neighbors say no to changes in rental regulations


SARASOTA COUNTY-  Large parties, limited parking and littered streets are just a few of the concerns behind what residents say is illegal renting. Air BNB is a popular option for vacationers coming to Siesta Key. Resident, Gabriele Charity says there’s no room for them in her neighborhood.

“Renters come to have fun,” Charity said. “They come here for a weekend to have a good time, they party. It’s their right to do so, but they are doing it in a residential zone neighborhood.”

Charity has been living on Siesta Key for years, she says her quiet neighborhood has become a mini-hotel.

“With these illegal mini hotels that open up here, they are not regulated. They are taking away business from the legitimate vacation rentals, short term rentals,” she said.

In Sarasota County, homes in residential neighborhoods can be rented with a 30 day minimum lease. Resident, Ann Vozzolo says that’s not what she has experienced.

“New people coming every weekend  its really starting to change the feel,” said Vozollo.

Vozollo understands tourism is a big part of Siesta Key, she just wants renters to follow the rules.

“We all purchased our homes with the expectation that it would be quiet and our neighbors would be the same neighbors today, tomorrow, next month and the month after that,” said Vozollo.

Charity is afraid this transient rental trend will spread.

“People think this is a nice way to make money, I buy a house here, I don’t live here, I rent it out, and this is not the right place to do it.”


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