Irma Plus One: PGT Innovations


VENICE – When a major storm approaches you need to do so much in a short time to prepare.

Dean Ruark, PGT Vice President of Product Management and Engineering says PGT developed the first Miami- Dade impact resistant windows after Hurricane Andrew.

“That was really the birth place of stronger building codes in Florida as well as impact resistant windows and doors and that is where we got our foundation,”said Ruark.

Adhering to stringent building codes, PGT products are put to the test numerous times, from a pressure test, water test  and cyclic test.

“We  use a nine pound two by four its travelling at 50 feet per second  and we strike the glass, then we have to hit the glass again, so once the window is already broken , what happens if you sustain another impact, that’s one of the distinct differences in Miami Dade and something that we test all our product too even though it’s not required,” said Ruark.

The uncertainty of where  Irma would go and the damage it would cause,  promoted residents to  invest in their products at a higher rate.

“Our quarter two earnings were very strong we were up twenty three and half percent over the prior quarter two. But what’s important in that is it certainly some of that is related to some heightened awareness from hurricane Irma,” explained Ruark.

Ruark says every year people are scrambling  for items that are high in demand when a hurricane approaches, when there is a better and more secure option.

“The result of the storm and all the preparation that’s needed, a huge portion of home owners time goes towards fortifying the home and prepare for the storm and that’s really the main driver there’s a better options there is effortless hurricane protection that I can have when I get these products, but it’s usually an after the storm, going into next year.”



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