American Legion gives over 300 Teddy Bears to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office


American Legion post 325 donates over 300 teddy bears to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office; lending comfort to children in crisis.

Chairman and creator of the idea, Bob Grosvenor says he wanted to give back to help children in the community.

Each of the 160 Manatee County Sheriff’s cars will now be supplied with tiny teddys, so officers can always offer ease to children on scene.

Lieutenant Jamie Wilder says it’s a great way to offer a distraction, while Grosvenor remarks on the turnout.

“We have often times you know someone in a uniform comes up and we can or, maybe sometimes a little intimidating to the child, but whenever we can give them a bear like this, it will always, I’ve never had, not had a kid brighten their eyes when I gave them a little Teddy bear.”

“Oh you can’t imagine how I feel! I’m ecstatic, I’m just so ecstatic! Really, it’s fantastic.”

Post 325 plans to continue the mission here on out for as long as they’re needed, and even have future endeavors to even spread to other cities in the county.


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