Sand bags surround the Lido Beach Pool and Pavilion to protect against potential damage


Sand bags are lined up behind the Lido Beach Pool and Pavilion, there to protect or delay potential erosion.  Emergency manager, Todd Kerkering says the city declared a state of emergency.

“Our main emphasis is protecting our infrastructure out there at the beach,” said Kerkering. “We’ve also just received today our permit to put those same bags on the beach in front of the dunes.”

City staff noticed sand dunes beginning to disappear. Lido Beach has lost an estimated 15 feet of shoreline after Hurricane Irma and Subtropical Storm Alberto. Kerkering says the sand bags add an extra layer of protection in the absence of the sand dunes.

“It will hit that barrier of trap bags and push the water around the pavilion and swimming pool and take that to the lower elevation, the parking lot and street,” he said.

With the increase of dead sea life due to red tide, and the decrease of shoreline on Lido Beach, some beach-goers, like Reid Doherty, left Lido Beach unimpressed.

“Ideally we don’t want dead fish everywhere, but that’s the red tide, not much we can do about that,” said Doherty.  “A little more sand would be nice; we were kind of disappointed with that so that was a factor we didn’t know about.”

According to Kerkering, the 50-foot-by-4 -foot bags will be placed around the pavilion and pool, leaving openings at the board walk as well as around the pool for easy access around the beach.

Kerkering says the erosion of the shoreline and sand dunes prompted the city to put in effect a state of emergency back in May to allow the city to begin preparing for upcoming storms, eventually placing sand bags in front of the sand dunes, if necessary.

“It’s the erosion is continuing, and it’s reached a critical point,” said Kerkering.

For Doherty, it’ll take less red tide, and more sand to come back to Lido beach.

“It’s a nice place, it’s just bad timing a little more sand would nicer and stuff like that,” said Doherty.

Kerkering says the state of emergency is in effect until the end of hurricane season in November.


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