Manatee school nurses learn how to stop the bleed


MANATEE COUNTY- It could take less than 5 minutes for someone to die from serious bleeding, ahead of a new school year, Manatee County’s School Nurses trained with Blake Medical Center on the proper way to Stop the Bleed.

“As everyone knows we live in a different world now,” Byrnes said. “There is a multitude of challenges that are facing school nurses now, a violent situation or uncontrolled bleeding is something that we have to face, potentially.”

Manatee School Nurses learned how to Stop the Bleed with Blake Medical Center’s Trauma Team, as part of a National Initiative created after the Sandy Hook Shooting.

“To train 300+ million Americans,” Tanner said. “To be bystander responders in the event there is uncontrolled bleeding.”

Nurses received an update on the latest medical standards… like using tourniquets.

“Tourniquets are a first-line defense for uncontrolled bleeding,” Byrne said. “In the past you would never put a tourniquet on for fear of loss of limb, and they talked about that and how that changed overtime.”

Nurses also practiced properly packing a wound, and applying pressure.

“It’s not just for mass shootings and terror events,” Tanner said. “It’s also important for work injuries, motor vehicle crashes, just regular things that happen to us as humans every day.”

If you do something like seriously cut yourself at home, there are things you can do while waiting for paramedics.

“Direct pressure is your best friend in that situation,” Chief Evans said. “So grab anything you can that’s near you, you’re shirt, a dish towel, anything, a wash cloth, and use that to put over the would and put direct pressure on it and hold it as long as you can until we get there.”

School Nurse Michael Byrne says this kind of emergency training is critical.

“It puts people at ease when they’re faced with an emergency,” Byrnes said. “And it gives them the training so they know what to do in case an emergency arises.”

Blake Medical Center offers the training free to workplaces and community groups. For more information you can contact Cyndi Tanner at Blake Medical Center.


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