Give Life Drive honors colleague at Doctors Hospital in Sarasota


SARASOTA COUNTY – Doctors Hospital conducts a Give Life Drive Friday to honor one of their colleagues.

Doctors Hospital says director of medical staff services Robin Reed Pearson was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia before her wedding.

Pearson and her husband got married just before she started treatment.

She went through chemotherapy and received a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor.

Donators came by to Doctors Hospital to show support while donating blood, platelets and signing up for organ donation.

Pearson says it was a long process to find a match for her bone marrow transplant.

“So I have four siblings they tested all of them and nobody was a match.  I was high risk, and I absolutely had to have a transplant.  There’s like no way around it, or I would have died.  They selected somebody that they call a mismatch which is somebody that’s as close as they possibly can be.”

Robin says she’s returned to work while still receiving treatment and medication and is thankful for all the support.


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