‘The Turn of the Screw’ debuts at FSU/Asolo Conservatory


SARASOTA – This month you’ll find Brian Owen onstage for this adaptation of Henry James’ classic Victorian ghost story.

“I think we’ve all seen; it we’ve all heard it: A young governess comes to a large manor to take care of some children, and spookiness ensues,” Owen said.

He plays ‘The Man,’ which he says covers a multitude of characters.

To play five roles, Owen says he tries to approach it like a technician.

“I have to make sure the audience can track that these are two distinct people,” Owen said.

He does it all without leaving stage or changing costumes.

“I just have a quick second to shift my body, and that indicates I’m a new person. With the young boy I’ll try to keep my hair tucked up, and if I’m playing the older woman, I’ll try to throw my hair in front of my face,” Owen said.

DeAnna Wright plays the governess.

“She’s a phenomenally talented actress,” Owen said. “She’s kind of the grounding rod for everything that happens. She’s like the center and everything revolves around her.”

He says playing multiple roles in a non-comedic way is a bit tricky.

“Having to take that and do it seriously, and that the end goal is that the audience still feels a sense of drama and tension and terror, as opposed to releasing it through laughter, has been a challenge and has been really fun,” Owen said.

The Dog Days Theatre production premieres Aug. 9 and runs thru the 26.

For more information visit asolorep.org/conservatory.

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