Suncoast Boy Scout raises more than $3,500 to renovate Loveland Center’s garden


Loveland Center is a community dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities reach their goals, and live a life full of opportunities and experiences. A Suncoast Boy Scout raised over 3,500 dollars to beautify their garden.

Pulling weeds and painting garden beds, that’s just some of the work that went into remodeling Loveland Center’s Garden. Jonathan Dreier a 15-year-old Boy Scout approached Loveland Center in June about a beautification project in the garden as his Eagle Scout Award Project. Two months later the Loveland community gathered to celebrate his hard work.

“We had to honor his accomplishments, because not only was it his time and his dedication he put into this but really the opportunities he afforded every single one of our participants at Loveland had to be celebrated,” said Jennifer Bushinger, Director of Community Impact at Loveland Center.

Inspired by his own family, Dreier raised funds and put in more than 200 hours of labor into the garden.

“This touched me personally as my cousins had access to similar services this facility provides,” said Jonathan Dreier. “It changed their lives and I wanted to do the same for the residents.”

Dreier built four wheelchair accessible garden beds, added pavers, and even installed a counter top sink and faucet. Gardeners at the center love their new space.

“We have a great time making this garden beautiful,” said Gigi Swarts.

Dreier says the money spent and long work days were worth the results.

“It’s exciting to see that people are being able to utilize it better now that it’s been repaired and restored to its former glory,” said Dreier.

Gardeners love working in their new garden beds and take home what they grow and those working at Loveland love seeing the participants grow new skills.

“We really are grateful that teenager in our community transformed this space to not support not only our organization, but every single person that we serve,” said Bushinger.

Members at Loveland will work together on growing sweet potatoes, rhubarb, eggplants, onions, and lettuce.


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