Manatee County Sheriff’s Office asking for public’s help with homicide investigation


MANATEE- Detectives with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office are asking for the public’s help in a homicide investigation.

33-year-old Christopher Alan Boston was found dead on the side of Bishop Harbor Road in Palmetto when driver’s noticed his legs sticking out in the road. The victim suffered trauma and detectives are treating the case as a homicide. Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Dave Bristow says they are looking for anyone who saw something suspicious in the area between 7 and 10 PM.

“We think that there are people who travel that road because there were actually two people who reported this,” Bristow said. “So, there is a time frame there probably 8,9,9:30, where again if anyone saw anything even if they thought it was just a little bit weird like a car driving slower than normal if you remember anything about that car give us a call.”

Detectives are still determining cause of death and tracing the victim’s steps over the last two days. They do not believe he was killed at the location they found his body. If you have information you can call Manatee County Crimestoppers.


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