Bayshore High School Football Preview


BRADENTON -A dominate defense which held opponents to under 125 points in 2017, and an offense looking to add a new dynamic layer. Head Coach of the Bayshore Bruins, John Biezuns couldn’t be more excited about the newest edition to his sidelines.

“It’s nothing against me, but Bart Monroe he’s a genius. So comparing me to Bart Monroe as offensive coordinator its not even close. He knows what he’s calling, he does a great job with our guys getting us prepared. So I think having him on the staff is a 100% improvement.”

Bart Monroe will come over and join a Bayshore team that averaged less than 14 points a game last season. But Coach Biezuns expect nothing to change on the defensive side of the ball.

“Our defense, we’ve returned a lot of starters it was our strong point last year for us. So it’s kind of re-tool and do what we do on defense.

“I think skill wise, our first unit of skills guys is probably up near the top in the county. Now whats behind them, our depth, that’s a concern. So if we can stay injury free and those guys work hard. I don’t see any reason why we cant have a winning record, challenge for the distric title and go to the playoffs.

There is a contingency of emotional leaders on this Bruins team, and their health and performance is a major key in the story that is written this season at Bayshore. All three of them keep this close to their chest, and understand the opportunity that is laid out this season for themselves and all their teammates.

Daniel Haley

“Everyone seems a lot more together this year, and everything is a lot more organized. I feel like everyone just wants to win more this year and we expect to win more this year.”

Le’Quayvaious Green WR, FS, ATH

“Like You said I am a senior so I have to be a good role model for these younger kids, and leave a legacy. I think it’s going to be a good season trying to get a ring this year…

Corey Vonborstel LB

“This is a big part of my life I want to leave with a bang, so I want to get as many wins as we can.”

Bayshore travels to Sarasota on August 24th to start their journey.


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