New Sarasota County School Police Officers sworn in


SARASOTA- Sarasota County Schools new police department held their first swearing-in ceremony.

14 officers that have over 500 years of law enforcement combined all took the oath of office ahead of the 1st day of school. The two Sergeants and 12 officers will start patrolling the elementary schools on the first day of classes next week, and they’re excited to get to work protecting children in the community.

“This will be my 3rd swearing in throughout my career and things like that and this one will be very special because it’s being a part of something from the ground up, and the community here has been fantastic, the administration here has been fantastic, and the partnership with local law enforcement has been fantastic, so we’re really set up for success, and again I think being here from the ground up was one of the most fascinating or unique parts of this swearing in ceremony for me.”

More officers have been hired and are still going through training and will be sworn in later this year. Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputies will patrol elementary schools until all the officers are trained and ready to go.


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