“Educator of the Year” explains process teachers go through


MANATEE – Last year, King Middle School English teacher Heather Anderson was crowned the Educator of the Year in Manatee County. This year, she takes on a new role as an Instructional Coach for teachers.
“The heart of it is, supporting and encouraging teachers. Meeting up with teachers, coming up with best practice, deciding on professional developments,” Anderson said.

This summer, she has expanded her responsibility from one classroom to many.

Anderson continued, “Obviously the instructional part would be setting up your classroom, getting your lesson plans together, now I feel like, going making connections with people, seeing the supports that they need or something they want to work on. The beauty of this is I’ll be able to see so much more, and interact with so many more staff and more students in a different capacity.”
Anderson can improve the skills of teachers on all levels using her award-winning expertise.

“We’ve got brand new teachers coming to us, several, but we also have some very experienced teachers coming to us. So recognizing that each person is different and wants to work on different things,” Anderson added.

“Be a lifelong learner, and set up positive habits for yourself. And continue to grow as, in your academics and as a person.”


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