Anna Maria Island business owners preventing red tide results on shore


Red tide has reached Anna Maria Island and with it, dead sea life.

What seems like a simple fence in the water is making a huge difference on shore. Ryan Davis, owner of YOLO Adventures was tired of seeing dead fish on shore, so he decided to do something about it.

“So the idea was to just keep it off the beach put a little bit of a net out there to keep it in the floating water so it would move with the tide versus staying on the beach,” said Davis.

Pennsylvania tourists were disappointed with the condition of many of our Suncoast beaches.

“Definitely very disappointing, very sad, the kids have never seen the Florida clear water so we were hoping for them to have that experience,” said Donna Switzer.

Bridge Tender Inn Dockside Bartender Julie Snyder says red tide and the smell was starting to affect business, but the net and the fence are making a difference. Snyder says customers are returning.

“I know it is so much better without dead fish rotting right on my beach. At least, they’re floating in the water and it doesn’t smell as bad,” said Snyder.

Bridge Tender Inn employees worked with YOLO Adventures to build the fence on Sunday.

“We just used this to rake, the first day we rake the dead fish off the beach, and literally thousands of pounds of fish.”

Davis says maybe the fencing and netting will catch on.

“This is definitely working, I think anybody that can keep the fish in the water versus on the beach, the smell is going to go away,” he said.


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