Raising money for pediatric cancer on the Suncoast


SARASOTA – The 3rd annual Candy’s Circus Run is happening Saturday at Nathan Benderson Park.

Candace Powell was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer at only three months old. Undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy Powell entered remission at age three.

“I had a 10% chance of survival, I was not supposed to make it past age three,” said Powell.

Now she’s entering her sophomore year at the University of Florida. But her passion for giving back and helping others is stronger than ever.

“Day in and day out every event it’s always been. I did it, it helped other people more so than it even helped me and that’s what it means,” said Powell.

She created Candy’s Circus Run three years ago which raises money for pediatric cancer research.
She is working with Curesearch  to bring awareness about cancer research.
Candy’s Circus run raised $10,000 last year and Powell is excited for Saturday’s run.

“Ready to show people how much its grown from year one to year three and how much support I’ve had over the years, despite everyone’s bigger schedules,” she explained.

Juggling a summer job, summer college classes and organizing a major event. Powell says it’s worth it because she knows she’s making a positive difference and bringing people together.

“You know I’m doing something that’s benefiting the community. I’m doing something that is bigger than myself and I always when I get to the end of my life or every few decades of so I’ll always be able to look back and be like is what I do with my life bigger than what’s just surrounding me, is it impacting other people? I want to make sure what I’m doing is worth it,” said Powell.


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