Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe exceeds fundraising to renovate building


SARASOTA COUNTY – Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe are experiencing some exciting times as they have exceeded expectations for fundraising to expand and renovate one of its buildings.

The entertainment group passed its fundraising goal of six million by raising 6.5 million dollars.

Westcoast says with the current success they’ve raised the bar to eight million.

The money will add an additional 40 seats to the theater and expand their main lobby.

Westcoast founder artistic director Nate Jacobs says he’s excited because the theater can tackle new projects they were not able do before expansion.

“And we’re getting ready to renovate the theater OK now what that means is better shows more improved things that we can do on the stage technically giving our productions more spectacle and taking them to a whole another level.”

Construction will begin May 1 of 2019 and finish up the following November. Westcoast will open up with a holiday performance called ‘Motown Christmas’ for the new building.



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