Republicans debate for congressional district 17


SARASOTA COUNTY – A red wave invades the Suncoast Thursday as republican candidates for congressional district 17 made their pitch in North Port.

Supporters of the GOP gathered at Shannon Staub Library.

State Senator Greg Steube, state representative Julio Gonzalez, and combat veteran Bill Akins are looking replace republican Tom Rooney who is not seeking re–election.

The debate got hot fast when Steube accused Gonzalez to be a non Trumper.

Gonzalez responded back to the claim as disingenuous.

Akins says he has never received money from any special interests.

All three candidates are staunch conservatives and all agree roe versus wade should be overturned.

The candidates talk about their differences.

“I’ve always supported President Trump and my opponent is a never Trumper.  He says Trump is not conservative he uses the same language that Hillary Clinton used to describe Trump as deplorable,”said Greg Steube.

“The big difference is I’m not lawyer I am not a career politician.  We don’t need career politicians we need people with common sense a business background as you see President Trump he had no prior experience,”said Bill Akins.

“I’m a physician and I am an author on constitutional issues that’s essentially the major difference.  Yes my opponents will say they’re veterans I am a veteran they’ll say their conservative,”said Gonzalez.

The next republican debate will take place at Robarts Arena on July 28 and the primary election is August 28.




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