“What the Butler Saw” opens at Asolo Rep Theatre


SARASOTA – In the thick of summer, the FSU/Asolo Conservatory’s Dog Days Theatre is back for its second season.

What the Butler Saw is the first show in this year’s season of Dog Days Theatre.

“..which is about literate, smart, contemporary plays that have just enough of a gloss on them to be the kind of material people wanna enjoy during the dog days of summer,” Director Greg Leaming said.

The story follows Dr. Prentice, a psychiatrist known for seducing secretaries, played by David Kortemeier.

He says as more and more characters enter the scene, comedy ensues.

“People change clothes, people get their clothes off, get their clothes on, and off we go,” Kortemeier said.

He says the language is what makes this show special.

“The text feels much like an Oscar Wilde comedy, but there’s a bite to it,” Kortemeier said. “It’s a farce, so there’s plenty of physical comedy as well, but the primary vehicle is the language in this play.”

That’s something Leaming, as director, kept in mind during rehearsals.

“The audiences here are so smart and so sophisticated and so literate, and this is an intensely literate, witty play,” Leaming said. “I mean, there’s a big difference between comedy and wit.”

He says this is a comedy but one that gets the wheels turning, poking at the hypocrisy of the 1960’s.

“It’s making a culture think about itself a little bit more, but also making them laugh while they do it,” Leaming said.

What the Butler Saw runs thru July 29.

To buy tickets, click here.


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