Hundreds of England fans watch the FIFA World Cup Finals at a Sarasota pub


SARASOTA- Football is coming home, to a Sarasota pub. Hundreds of people gathered at Champion’s Pub on Wednesday afternoon to cheer on England in the FIFA World Cup semi-finals and the owner was prepared for a crowd.

“Oh it’s great having a crowd like this, it’s a shame it’s only once every four years,” said Tony Middlemiss, the pub owner.

A sea of red and white jersey’s flooded the pub, all here to support their team. England has not made it to a World Cup Final since 1966, and fans are hopeful, this is their year.

“If we win today, it’s the first time since ‘ 66 we get to the final and all the world will be sporting England, because no one wants France to win,” said Craig Kobierski, an avid England fan.

Fans have waited a long time for this, and some have waited a lifetime.

“We’ve waited 28 years just for a semifinal, and we’ve waited 50 just for a final. So imagine waiting 60 years for a playoff game in a super bowl,” said Jack Lewis.

For some, it’s just a good time. For others, it’s everything.

“I don’t think there’s any way to explain the emotions, especially right now I’m hopeful,” said Meg Ozbirn.

She used to come to Champions Pub with her husband, and although he has passed, his ashes have a special place in the pub, so he can attend every game.

The FIFA World Cup is bringing together fans all over the world, but here at Champions Pub, they all agree on one thing, they want football to come home!


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