Woodland Community Church group comes back to Bradenton after being stranded in Haiti


MANATEE COUNTY – Missionaries from Woodland Community Church make it back to Florida Monday after being stranded in Haiti from protests over hikes on fuel prices.

One bus transported one group from Tampa and the other from Orlando as they arrived at Woodland Community Church in Bradenton.

The group reunited and embraced their loved ones.

Woodland Church says they sent a group of 21 teenagers and seven adults to Haiti for mission work.

Haitian protesters set up road blocks as the mission group traveled to the Port au Prince airport to return home Saturday.

They were forced to turn back to the village where they were working.

Worship leader Jacob Wesley says he and the rest of the group kept their composure as they went back to continue their mission.

“Trusting in God really was going through my mind.  I wasn’t really scared as much as I was just comforted in knowing that we were heading back to the safety of Neply.  We were pretty stoked and pretty happy to have a couple more days in Neply just to be able to bond with more of the village and be able to spend time more in the village.  That day we ended up in the village washing clothes for the people in the village too so it was a very graceful and humbling experience to be able to go back to Neply for a couple more days.”

Wesley says the protestors they encountered were not violent and no one was harmed.


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