Art Ovation Hotel says racist note was from previous hotel guest


SARASOTA – The Art Ovation Hotel is now saying the racist note discovered by an African-American family in their hotel room on the fourth of July was left by a previous guest and was not directed at the family.

The Herald-Tribune reports the 162-room boutique hotel launched an internal investigation due to the quote “concerning nature of the situation”, and after checking the electronic memory of the guest room locks, concluded that there was no evidence that any associate of the hotel was involved in the incident.

Frank Davis, the father of the family who stayed in the hotel room, released this statement to the Herald-Tribune that said in part: “I am relieved to report that a person of interest has been identified by Marriott in the incident at the art ovation hotel and at this time, it seems likely that no Marriott associates were involved in the writing of the note or its placement in the room.

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