Note with racial slur is planted in African-American family’s room at Art Ovation Hotel


SARASOTA- A family trip to Sarasota took a turn for the worst when a racially discriminatory note is found in the family’s room at Downtown Sarasota’s Art Ovation Hotel.

Frank Davis, President and CEO of the Horizon Group, was ready for a getaway to the Suncoast with his wife and son.

“The purpose of the trip was to go down there and relax, experience some sun and fun and power–down because we all work really hard,” Frank Davis said via FaceTime.

Frank and his family stayed at the Marriott Art Ovation Hotel in Downtown Sarasota last week, when their trip down south….went south.

The family returned to their room from breakfast on the 4th of July to find a note that was far from a greeting card.

“It was a note that said, ‘you are a n–word. I was a combination of mad, sad, and ballistic I’m just dumbfounded. I can’t even imagine who would harbor that kind of hate,” Frank said.

Feeling unsafe, Davis said he contacted hotel management and police and moved to a new hotel.

The incident didn’t surprise Bryan Ellis with Answer Suncoast.

“It was definitely a crime, a hate crime and they meant to terrorize those people,” Ellis said.

Ellis said it calls attention to a nationwide problem.

“This is something that is happening all over the country and Sarasota isn’t exactly the most progressive place in the world,” he said.

SNN reached out to Art Ovation Hotel who did not respond to comment.

“I was kind of disappointed with the toll of the whole tale initially. However, since then, the Marriott corporate staff, they have shown class and urgency and concern,” Frank said.

Frank hopes his positivity will manifest.

“I’m the one who always liked to appeal to reason and try to lift people up. be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” he said.


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