Bradenton teens stranded in Haiti during riots


MANATEE COUNTY – A major conflict in the Caribbean has become a cause of worry for parents in Bradenton.

Violent protests over fuel prices over the weekend forced flight cancellations, leaving a church youth group with 30 volunteers, 18 of which are teens , from Woodland Community Church unable to make it to the airport Saturday. That’s according to the Bradenton Herald.

On Saturday, Haiti’s government announced a sharp rise in fuel prices, sending the country into turmoil.

There was people protesting in the streets, smashing buildings and setting fires.

Mike Wilson, the founder of the nonprofit organization hosting the group says they tried to get to the airport around 4 a.m. Saturday in hopes the early time would help them avoid protesters and problems on the road.

But unfortunately, the group hit multiple roadblocks and decided returning to their compound would be the safest option.

Suncoast parents say they feel helpless and they will not be sleeping until their children are home.

It’s still not known when they will be able to make it back to Florida.

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Kathy Leon
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