Donut shop holds fundraiser for EMS volunteer killed in bicycle accident


BRADENTON- Coffee and compassion go hand-in-hand at a Bradenton coffee shop. The Farm House is hosting a fundraiser event in honor of a volunteer Manatee County EMS.

Nicholas Wilson was a regular at The Farmhouse. He was killed in a tragic bicycle accident on June 28th, while he was training for a triathlon.

Steven Sheardown, the owner of The Farm House, learned that Young was a regular at the donut shop when a friend called to buy donuts for his funeral.

“We’re not going to let you buy donuts, we’ll donate the donuts.” Sheardown said, “And then we were like maybe we can do a fundraiser to you know get the community here to help out and collect as many donations as we can for his family. He’s never there he’s never going to be back there, and for us it’s like, if we can do anything to help out, we would love to do it.”

Wilson also worked at Manatee Memorial Hospital. All money donated will help his wife and their two young children. The fundraiser continues Saturday; every donation will get you a free donut.


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