Local racer revving up for AquaX


SARASOTA – Navigating choppy waters on a jet ski at 85 miles takes a professional.
Sarasota Resident and pro-rider, Eric Lagopoulos , has been tearing up Sarasota Bay for more than 20 years.
“When I was a kid, I fell in love with the water, had a standup, took it from there, I was good at it,” Lagopoulos said.
It’s the third year Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix included AquaX in the races.
“The jet skis you see out there will be the top guys in the world,” He added.“ “We all line up 30-40 people in one line, we are all going for one buoy. It’s exciting.”
Eric wouldn’t miss competing on the waters he grew up on.
“This is the race we want to win, we are hoping to get them on top of the podium this weekend,” Lagopoulos said.
The pro-rider has two AquaX titles, and multiple national and world championships, so you would think racing was his full time job, but it’s not. He also runs the Waterfronttoo in Nokomis.
“Both restaurants are open for dinner only,” Lagopoulos said. “We have the mornings ready to practice racing.”
Through the years, he’s made countless memories, but he says nothing beats racing in front of his hometown crowd.
“They’ll be a big watch party in the pits, we’re going to have a lot of fun out there.” He added.


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