How do two full-time employees put on the Grand Prix


SARASOTA – “Imagine you have 50 plates spinning and you have the keep the plates spinning,” Festival Director, Lucy Nicandri, said.
That’s how she describes her life leading up to the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix.

“Most charities will have one in charge of sponsorship, marketing, PR, media,” Nicandri added.
But the grand prix is put on by two full-time employees.
Lucy and her office manager, Sarah.
The duo does everything you can think of getting ready for the two week festival.
“There’s a lot that goes in to licenses that need to be pulled, ordering banners, ordering the trash, ordering the porter potties,” Nicandri said. “We just go through a checklist and we get it all done.”

With the help of 300 volunteers, the Grand Prix takes place on the Suncoast each year raising money for local agencies who help children and adults with special needs.
“You sometimes think you get stressed and you’re having a bad day and ‘oh my gosh, how am I going to do this? I’m not doing this again,” Nicandri said. “Then you walk out the door and go out to these agencies and you see these clients that need these services. And you think of how fortunate you are and how lucky you are.”


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