What’s the advantage of being a local racer in the Grand Prix?


SARASOTA – What does the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix mean to local racers?
“It’s a chance to run against friends and find out who’s faster,” local racer, Will Smith, said.

Racing at home means…
“We can sleep in our own bed, that’s always a plus,” Krizen Pest control driver, Ryan Krizen, said.
“The actual logistics of being here makes it better, I have to drive 10 minutes versus days across the country,” Legacy Builders Throttleman, Bill Glueck, added.

Race Director, Steve Kildahl, says home-field advantage plays a factor.
Especially knowing how the waters are always changing.
“The course can be calm, but the course between the two passes can be rough,” Kildahl said. “So it’s challenging for the race teams to come here and race.”

But Sarasota’s Grand Prix still tests those from the area.
“Sarasota is probably the hardest races to do physically because of the time of the year,” Glueck said. “It’s hot, it gets to 135 degrees in that boat.”

If you brave the heat this weekend, chances are you may see familiar faces on the podium.
“The last three years we’ve done really well, we’ve been on the podium, we won in 2015, looking to have fun and get on the podium again,” Krizen said.

On Edge throttleman, Harold Castle, says he plans on racing in his backyard for years to come.
“I want to keep it going, I’ll do everything I can,: Castle said. “It’s my family’s legacy to promote this, and keep it in this area, and we will.”


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