Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office field interview leads to a quick arrest


CHARLOTTE COUNTY – A field interview by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office helps them solve a crime.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office says they arrested Damien Mosser back on Saturday for stealing Terrence Turner’s bicycle at a Publix on the 4200 block on Tamiami Trail in Charlotte Harbor.

Deputy David Brooks apprehended Mosser riding the bike within a short period of time because he conducted a field interview with Turner prior to the crime.

A field interview is when deputies get to know residents in their assigned neighborhoods.

Brooks received descriptive information on Turner’s bike in case it got lost or stolen.

After the report of the stolen bike Brooks used the information and it aided him to find the suspect.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Katie Heck says field interviews are part of the deputies day to day patrol.

“When they have time in between calls or if they just see someone that maybe they don’t recognize in the neighborhood they’ll stop and just try to make conversation with them and see who they are. It’s just it’s really not even so much a program as their day to day duties of being an observant deputy in that area.”

Sheriff’s Office says they found a marijuana pipe on Mosser and returned the bike to Turner.


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