Pulse Nightclub Anniversary


SARASOTA – Today marks the second anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando and on the Suncoast we mark the remembrance by keeping memories alive.

Forty-nine victims lost their lives in the tragic shooting event two years ago.

We spoke with CAN Community Health Prevention Specialist Marcus Seneriz who says he remembers that day very vividly.

“It’s just something that just touched me. You know what I mean, how can someone just brutally just do that to innocent people you know and it turns out to be a hate crime, because they were directly targeted,” said Seneriz.

Eddie Sotomayor Jr., from Sarasota, one the victims of the shooting, is remembered today locally

Kimberly Jackson, Sotomayor’s sister made an appearance to speak on his behalf.

“You know everybody came from a certain, everybody came from a place. a lot of people weren’t even from Orlando, Eddie’s not from Orlando, Eddie’s from Sarasota, they travel from near and far, to places, it was just an unfortunate event and it’s nice that the community comes together to remember you know their local person,” said Jackson.

City of Sarasota vice mayor Jen Ahearn–Koch says to look towards the future.

“Uh as a community I hope that we all continue to honor the victims and move forward in the future. I would encourage everyone to do what they can to make sure that these incidents stop happening,” said Ahearn-Koch.

When asked if the memorials will continue, longtime friend of Eddie Sotomayor Rob McGovern says,

“I hope so, I think as the years go on the hate and the anger will fade away and we can concentrate on celebrating the forty-nine people’s lives and what they stood for.”

If you or a loved one are seeking help or wanting to comfort someone effected by the shooting, you can go to the facebook page, ‘Pulse Orlando’ for all support needs.


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