Manatee County EMT named 2018 Florida EMT of the Year


MANATEE COUNTY – Aaron White, an Emergency Medical Technician working in Manatee County, is named 2018 Florida EMT of the Year by the Florida Department of Health.

Aaron responds to calls and cares for medical and trauma patients in northern areas of Manatee County.

“Everyday is different it brings new challenges [and] new experiences. It’s just great because I live here and I work here,” said White.

This isn’t White’s first honor. He has also been named Manatee County Employee of the Month and Manatee County Employee of the Year in 2017. He credits his success at work to his colleague and partner, Michael Kaepernick.

“No man does anything alone. So you surround yourself with good people and that’s what makes the job fun and exciting,” said White.

Mark Laraway who is the Manatee County EMS District Chief says he’s happy to have White on his team.

“The citizens and the public love him. We have a lot of phone calls and people writing letters for him saying how well of a job he’s done,” said Laraway.

Co-workers and supervisors describe Aaron as a dedicated, hardworking, knowledgeable and skilled clinician.

Aaron is also involved in the local Special Activities Bicycle Emergency Response (SABER) team.


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