What should you pack in that hurricane kit?


SARASOTA – The time to prepare for a possible hurricane is now. So what exactly should we be doing?

‘The first 72 are on you.’ So when you build that hurricane kit, make sure you have enough supplies to last those first three days. Including a 3-7 day supply of non-perishable food, a gallon of water per family member per day, a first aid kit, and don’t forget your medication and important documents!

As you get those supplies together, SNN Meteorologist Marco La Manno says you should give your house a once over too. “Clear out your gutter that way the water can flow unobstructed,” says La Manno. “Another thing to do is anything that could be a projectile, especially small potted plants, big potted plants what have you, should be taken inside.”

Sarasota County Emergency Management Chief Ed McCrane wants us all to be aware that like last year, cleanup won’t happen overnight. “It was a case of our debris contractors overpromising and under delivering,” McCrane recalls.

McCrane says they can’t deploy resources until the storm has completely passed. After Irma 57 Florida counties had a buildup of debris and many of the contractors who help out the Suncoast were deployed in Texas helping with Hurricane Harvey cleanup. So if we get a storm with a similar track to Irma, we can expect the nuisance debris to stick around.

“We’re looking at every possibility of purchasing, leasing, renting those vehicles, getting more contractors involved, but we can’t promise that it’s gonna completely alleviate the problem,” says McCrane.

The cleaner your yard is before a storm, the less debris you’ll have when it’s all over.

For an in-depth list of supplies to fill that disaster kit you can visit the county website.


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