Local man lands new show on History Channel


SARASOTA – “You know with the big snakes, I caught this big, you’re going to see the skin shortly, I caught this thing, and we’re in waist deep water, it’s too strong it slips out of my hands,” ‘Wild Man’ Dusty Crum said. “I get to almost losing it again, and I think if this snake gets away from me I’m never going to live again.”

Dusty Crum lived to tell that story, and continues hunting pythons in the everglades for the South Florida Water Management District.
“They’re masters of disguise,” he said “So you see the snake you just want to get the biting under control and grab the head, if not you’ll end up with two sticks in your hands.”
He takes the knicks and squeezes, all for the everglades ecosystem.
“They’re eating the whole everglades up,” Crum added. “there’s no small animals left, hardly any birds, it’s a ghost town out there.”

Now you can see Dusty in action. He just landed a new series on the History channel called “Swamp Mysteries.” The show documents his python hunting down south.
“It’s like snake jujitsu, you have to use your whole body to get the big ones,” Crum said.
Literally uses his body to capture the 18 foot reptiles.
“I took that tail, and I bit down on it on my teeth and said you ain’t getting away, put my legs on the snake like Ric Flair, I yelled at my buddies, to put the camera down, we gotta get the head of this snake,” Crum said.
But Crum is thankful for the camera crews, who captured his latest everglades hunt. The ‘Wild Man’ hopes this TV show will bring more awareness to what’s happening in the south Florida swamp.

“Swamp Mysteries” premieres June 7 at 10 p.m.


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