Eternal reefs to honor 65 submarines, crews lost on patrol-


SARASOTA – This Memorial Day weekend Eternal Reefs creates a place on the Suncoast where submariners who lost their lives can be honored forever.

Eternal Reefs will submerge 65 memorial reefs for 65 submarines and their crews lost on eternal patrol, and one reef for more than 230 personnel lost in action.

“We’re now finally honoring those who went in that little, bitty tin can to go under the sea and knowing they might never come up or they’re willing to die for us,” Officiating Chaplain, Colonel Charles Caudill, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), said.

Sixty-six reefs are creating one large memorial in Sarasota Bay.

Sunday recipients from each submarine accept a flag from Sarasota Military Academy students.

“A unique occasion for us to be here to observe this ceremony for our nation to say, ‘Thank you,'” Caudill said.

For vets like Brian Lawrence and Mark Martin, it’s a reunion.

They’re sharing memories and paying respect to their crews.

They’re at peace knowing there’s a place their brothers will be remembered forever.



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