Newtown community member reacts to recent gun violence in her backyard


NEWTOWN- In the aftermath of 32-year-old, Joshua Bane’s arrest,  charged with two counts of attempted murder, one member of the Newtown community spoke out about how she feels about violence in her neighborhood.

A series of 9 shootings in the Newtown community since January concerns law enforcement and residents. But one member of the Newtown community said this doesn’t cause any worry for her about the safety of her family and she says neighbors would agree.

Teresa Richardson called it a community, divided.

“There’s a Newtown and there’s a subset of people that’s in Newtown, that’s after the power, the money, and the sex,” Richardson said.

A small group, the resident of 15 years, said runs on a system of ‘social justice’.

She said, “They say ‘street people’…Newtown itself, I would say I’m one of those people. We go about our day, very peaceful. The way you see us now, this is how we live.”

Richardson is the aunt of 31-year-old Travis Combs, a victim of homicide in August.

“He was like my son…lost his life next door to my house,” she said.

She said she never got answers. But she knew which side of the community is to blame.

She said, “I already know how that works. So I’m not upset that no one’s come forth because I understand the code of silence of that subclass of people.”

Sarasota Police Department pushes for change. Thursday, May 24th, they will host a ‘Stop the Gun Violence” seminar at the Robert L. Taylor Complex. But Richardson said that isn’t enough.

“Get a personal relationship with these people. Go in and find out what’s going on with them. Why do they feel like they need to commit the crimes that they commit,” she said.

Until then, she said she has made her peace, calling Newtown, home.

“This is where I prefer to stay. And yes, you could say 9 shootings doesn’t affect me because it does not affect the Newtown I live in,” Richardson said.



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