Manatee emergency communications center wins international award


MANATEE COUNTY- Manatee County’s Emergency Communications Center is receiving international recognition.

They won the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Small Agency Award for Technology Leadership. 911 Captain of Administrative Services Stacy Needham says over the past year they’ve implemented new programs to improve response times including pulse point, text to 9-1-1, and Automated Secure Alarm Protocol technology which allows alarm monitoring systems to send information directly to the 9-1-1 center.

“We are trying our hardest to go out there and see what’s out there,” Needham said. “What we can do to enhance our response time. Anything that we can make it better to save lives we are absolutely all about. So, as the community should see, we’re in there, we’re in the game, we’re doing as much as we can, and we’re being extremely proactive because technology is ever-

Manatee County Officials will receive the award in August at the association’s international conference in Las Vegas.


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