Celebrating nurses at Sarasota Memorial Hospital


SARASOTA – Inside Sarasota Memorial Hospital more than 1,400 nurses care for patients around the clock.

Michelle Meisner wanted to make a positive impact in a person life, so she became a nurse.

“Nursing is a very noble profession and it takes a special person to be a nurse,” said Meisner.

A nurse for 23 years and working at Sarasota Memorial Hospital for 8, Meisner works on the 4th floor of the rehab pavilion.

“We care for them when they are at their lowest point, we nurture them, we laugh with them. We help them get through part of the toughest part of their life,” said Meisner.

From the start of nurse’s week which began with the blessing of the hands, Meisner says they shown appreciation for all that they do.

She says its hard work, with long hours and stressful at times but nurses are committed to providing the best care for their patients.

There  are long days and you can’t ever stop, you always have to be on your toes, you always have to be relentless and keep advocating your your patients and be there voice and you can’t ever stop,” said Meisner.

Nurses play a vital role in health care she says when patients thank them it means so much


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