Joyland to turn off the country music


MANATEE COUNTY – With more than 50 years of country music entertainment Joyland is shutting the doors for good.

Joyland’s Facebook page says it’s been an absolute pleasure entertaining residents over the years and it’s time to hang up the cowboy boots.

Country entertainers such as Keith Urban, Trace Atkins and Rascal Flatts showcased their talents to residents.

The Herald Tribune says Joyland had its roots in Pinellas Park back in 1958 eventually spreading to Tampa, Hudson and now Bradenton.

Maintenance manager James “Woody” Kirkendall has been with the night club for 26 years.

Woody says the Joyland experience runs much deeper than the music.

“I’ve seen generations. Kids growing up and having kids and their kids are coming now.  So I mean that tells you a lot, and I’ve seen people get married here and they’re still married.  Once you’re in here, and you’re here for a while you become family.  And I think that’s the biggest difference between bars.”

The Herald Tribune says Joyland’s last evening will be this Saturday featuring Bradenton country group Rye Road.


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