Local singer to audition for “The Voice”


SARASOTA – Local Singer and Musician Bri Rivera says she’s been singing since she can remember.

“Back in church when I was kid, I just always liked it, and in school and the talent show or anything like that, I wanted to be in it,” Rivera said.

When she was nine she threw a guitar in the mix.

“That’s when I really went full on,” Rivera said.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rivera moved to the U.S. after high school.

“I ended up coming here on vacation to visit some family in North Port, and I fell in love with the place, and it’s been ten years,” Rivera said. “I’ve been on vacation for ten years now; I never left.”

She found the Suncoast music scene, which she calls, ‘the land of opportunity.’

“[It] gave me the opportunity to achieve my dreams; it’s crazy,” Rivera said.

As of June 2017 that’s all shes been doing, supporting herself by playing shows at different Suncoast venues and has a big following here.

She says her sound doesn’t exactly match her look.

“..with the accent and the haircut, I have to prove myself often,” Rivera said. “I think that’s why I can’t wait to go to ‘The Voice.’ It’s gonna sound like what they don’t expect, hopefully.”

She auditioned five years ago, then the show sent her an invite to come back and audition for next season.

“It’s never my thing to be in front of the camera, or something like that, but if the talent is there and the crowd wants it, I’m gonna give it to them,” Rivera said.

She’s performing not for the spotlight, but for something else.

“I have immediate family in Puerto Rico, and after the hurricane, what other way to help them? It’s a big push,” Rivera said.

That’s driving her, coupled with the feeling she gives people when she’s behind the microphone.

“It’s the joy in people,” Rivera said. “When I come to a show, and people had a great time, and I see the dancing, that just tells me that I am in the right place. It feels good.”

Auditions are June 16th in Atlant.

Siesta Key Daiquiri Deck is her main sponsor, but Rivera still needs your help.

To help Bri with her trip expenses, visit her GoFundMe Page.


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